Sub-Project ONE

Empowering Community Knowledge and Awareness of Mangrove Forests and Economic Development

Sub-Project TWO

Knowledge Transfer and Sustainable Technology in Mangrove Forest Seedling Nursery

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Sub-Project THREE

Strategic Development of Mangrove Forest Seedling Marketing for Economic Sustainability

Sub-Project FOUR

Mangrove Forest Tree Identification and Geotagging System

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Sub-Project FOUR

Mangrove Forest Tree Identification and Geotagging System

In order to effectively monitor the reforestation program's success in mangrove tree seedling cultivation, this Sub-Project focuses on the transfer of knowledge and the implementation of advanced geotagging smartphone applications and an online database for Mangrove Forest Trees. Participants and relevant agencies will receive comprehensive training in utilizing these cutting-edge technologies. A dedicated website will be developed to showcase the distribution and precise locations of planted seedlings, each equipped with QR code tags. This platform will serve as a valuable tool for stakeholders to monitor the distribution, health, and real-time status of the planted Mangrove Forest seedlings.

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Mangrove Forest Tree Identification and Geotagging Mobile App

An innovative Android-based mobile application

This cutting-edge app is designed exclusively for seamless data entry and updates regarding seedlings and trees within the Mangrove Forest, utilizing smartphones.

  • The application users are divided into two categories: Staff and Visitors.
  • Staff members are empowered to effortlessly input new data and efficiently update existing information.
    Visitors can easily access tree details by scanning the QR codes or entering the tree's unique identification number.
  • All tree data is securely stored on the dedicated web platform, ensuring comprehensive and reliable information management.
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Mangrove Forest Tree Map

An immersive web-based application for visualizing the locations of trees

Experience the captivating Mangrove Forest Tree Map, a cutting-edge online platform that enables users to explore and navigate the distribution of seedlings and trees. Each tree is meticulously tagged with QR codes, allowing for seamless access to detailed information.

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Review Tree Data

A sophisticated web application for reviewing and examining data on planted seedlings and trees with QR-Code tags

Experience the remarkable Tree Data Review app, an innovative web-based platform tailored to seamlessly access and explore comprehensive information and details about seedlings and trees. Delve into the extensive database, enabling thorough scrutiny and analysis for precise monitoring and evaluation purposes.

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Slide Presentation

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Manual Penggunaan Sistem

Immerse yourself in an interactive and engaging experience as you navigate the beautifully rendered map, revealing the precise locations of Mangrove Forest trees adorned with convenient QR code tags. 

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