Mangrove Forest Tree Identification and Geotagging Mobile App


Developed for the popular mobile platform of today

User Categories

The application caters to two distinct user categories: Geotaggers and Visitors


Tagged trees are assigned precise GPS-based coordinates, enabling users to view their exact locations on the online map


The application utilizes QR-Code technology to access tree IDs

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Online Tree Data

All data related to tagged trees, such as circumference, distribution, and height, is securely stored online, ensuring systematic organization

Regular Data Storage

Data for each tagged tree is periodically stored, allowing for the observation of its growth

Geographic Information System (GIS) Based

The application simplifies the collection, storage, online display, and analysis of tree data, facilitating the examination of tree distribution and development

Promoting Awareness of Mangrove Forest Trees

Integrating existing technologies to actively and continuously promote awareness and conservation efforts related to Mangrove Forest trees

Immerse yourself in an interactive and engaging experience as you navigate the beautifully rendered map, revealing the precise locations of Mangrove Forest trees adorned with convenient QR code tags. 

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Dev Ver 2.00 May 2023
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